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April 13th is Gramps birthday and he would have turned 66 if he wouldn't have passed away 10 months ago. We still miss this ole man and not a day goes by that we don't think of him.
Gramps had very strong personal views, but everyone was entitled to his own opinions, and he would listen with an open mind to anything you might have to say. He was often right though and he would make sure we knew that. Gramps never asked for much from life, he was a happy and contented man and achieved everything he wanted. He got his most pleasure from his favorite sport baseball and reading or talking about history. He was listening to music, of which he had a very wide appreciation, ranging from Classical music such as Mantovani right through to Chet Atkins and Alan Jackson.
Gramps's laughter and singing was genuine. He had such a special humor and it wasn't always easy to get his jokes. He believed in the people and always tried to support those he loved. Gramps had a lot of time and patience for the station and us DJs. He dearly loved us and wasn't afraid to show it. He also wasn't ashamed to cry on air and just let his feelings out. 
Let's be thankful for the time we shared with Gramps and always remember him. Those who are forgotten are those who are really dead. You're always on our mind Gramps. Happy Birthday!

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We hope you will join us on Sunday, February 22nd, for our 11th Anniversary programing. For all of us it's hard to believe it's been eleven years now - time sure does fly and many good and bad things have happened. This is the first station anniversary we celebrate without our beloved founder Gramps who sadly passed away in June 2014. Trust us when we say we're still struggling at times because we know that Gramps won't come back to DJ, sing, do his famous Ahhhh Hahhhh or just chat with us, lend an ear and be a friend.


It's good and essential that we have three constants that help us to keep on going:

1. You the faithful listeners

2. Our passionate staff

3. The music we all love so much


With your financial and moral help and loyalty we've survived 11 years and look forward to another year of bringing you the finest Country music and to give you a home at our station. On February 22nd all of our DJ's will spend some time live on air to say a special thank you. We hope you will have the chance to join us and celebrate with us.

Thanks again from all of us at Always Country.

Have Always Country always with you!
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We're happy to announce the addion of our newest member to the family - DJ Joe from Germany. Please make sure to check back for his schedule and bio which will be published within the next few days. Please give Joe a proper welcome!


Your Always Country Family

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