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Howdy again,

Well as you might already know Always Country turned silent. The ongoing negotiations and contractual terms have forced us to shut down the station - hopefully only for a few days.

This is a necessary step so we can stay legal and not get in any trouble and maybe even have to pay a fine. We can't tell you as of today what will happen with the station and the entire broadcasting world. There is one thing for certain - there will be changes and currently the changes don't look positive.

We're a small station driven by amateur DJs and financed by staff and listeners. Should we get in trouble with the law it would be Lori and me who would have to take the responsibility and pay a possible fine. That's we both agreed to be on the safe side and go silent for now.

Please come back and check for updates every now and then. Thank you.

Susanne for Always Country

Hello friends,

Some of you might wonder why we're having such a different song rotation on our Auto DJ and why we skip live shows. There are currently royalty and licensing negotiations going on and we have been asked to not play a certain type of licensed music until the final decisions. If we don't do this, we could get in trouble. Since we aren't able to filter those songs, we did as suggested .. play Independent Artists and Christmas Music. Lucky us that we're in Christmas season at the moment or we'd be in trouble. On the other hand it would be funny to play Jingle Bells in July LOL


Seriously, this is no fun what's going on in the broadcasting world - it's alarming and very serious and nobody knows yet what will happen with small radio stations like us in 2016. Hopefully the final decision won't take too long anymore so we can give you an update on our future respectively what might change. Thanks for your support and for hanging in there with our extreme Christmas-ish playlist :)


Your friends at Always Country

We recently updated our schedule. Please make sure to check it out so you won't miss your favorite DJ.

You can find the schedule HERE. Depending on your browser settings you might have to hit F5 to refresh the page.

Dear friends,


This quote by Leigh Ann P. reflects exactly the situation and views of Always Country for the past year. With the only difference being that we were surprised by the unexpected and we didn’t really have a choice other than to believe the unbelievable. June 13th is the first anniversary of Gramps’ death and it still feels so unreal. He left us way too early and we miss him a lot but we are looking back with fond memories and are thankful for the time we’ve shared with Gramps.


„Achieve the unachievable“. Nobody really believed that we would be able to keep the station up and running for so long. On the one hand the fact that we lost our friend Gramps, and on the other hand, the financial factor. Donations from some listeners and staff helped to pay the bills in the past but it was Gramps who pretty much covered the most part of the expenses ever since he founded the station. Being on our own, the only way to keep the station on air was, is and always will be, when we get the financial help of you, our listeners and us DJs. „Achieve the unachievable“ worked well for the past year and we are happy to tell you that as of today, the expenses including November 2015 are covered. Thanks for that!


Unfortunately we can’t rest on this and need your continued financial support in order to keep the station on air because as soon as we run out of money, we will have to pull the plug. We are not asking for huge donations from a hand full of people. We would rather prefer small donations from more people -  this doesn’t hurt and would be fair. Let’s all help together, let’s believe and achieve!


Your Always Country Family

April 13th is Gramps birthday and he would have turned 66 if he wouldn't have passed away 10 months ago. We still miss this ole man and not a day goes by that we don't think of him.
Gramps had very strong personal views, but everyone was entitled to his own opinions, and he would listen with an open mind to anything you might have to say. He was often right though and he would make sure we knew that. Gramps never asked for much from life, he was a happy and contented man and achieved everything he wanted. He got his most pleasure from his favorite sport baseball and reading or talking about history. He was listening to music, of which he had a very wide appreciation, ranging from Classical music such as Mantovani right through to Chet Atkins and Alan Jackson.
Gramps's laughter and singing was genuine. He had such a special humor and it wasn't always easy to get his jokes. He believed in the people and always tried to support those he loved. Gramps had a lot of time and patience for the station and us DJs. He dearly loved us and wasn't afraid to show it. He also wasn't ashamed to cry on air and just let his feelings out. 
Let's be thankful for the time we shared with Gramps and always remember him. Those who are forgotten are those who are really dead. You're always on our mind Gramps. Happy Birthday!

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We hope you will join us on Sunday, February 22nd, for our 11th Anniversary programing. For all of us it's hard to believe it's been eleven years now - time sure does fly and many good and bad things have happened. This is the first station anniversary we celebrate without our beloved founder Gramps who sadly passed away in June 2014. Trust us when we say we're still struggling at times because we know that Gramps won't come back to DJ, sing, do his famous Ahhhh Hahhhh or just chat with us, lend an ear and be a friend.


It's good and essential that we have three constants that help us to keep on going:

1. You the faithful listeners

2. Our passionate staff

3. The music we all love so much


With your financial and moral help and loyalty we've survived 11 years and look forward to another year of bringing you the finest Country music and to give you a home at our station. On February 22nd all of our DJ's will spend some time live on air to say a special thank you. We hope you will have the chance to join us and celebrate with us.

Thanks again from all of us at Always Country.

Have Always Country always with you!
Our free mobile app in cooperation with PRONETlicensing is available for Android & iOS devices. Get it today!

We're happy to announce the addion of our newest member to the family - DJ Joe from Germany. Please make sure to check back for his schedule and bio which will be published within the next few days. Please give Joe a proper welcome!


Your Always Country Family

Dear friends, as you might know, we have been through difficult, not to say horrible times this year. The most tragic moment was when we lost our valued friend and guide, Gramps, in June. We didn’t just lose our “boss”, we lost a wonderful, caring, generous and super sarcastic person in him. For some, he was just a mean old man who was a DJ at Always Country. But for those listeners and staff who opened their hearts to him and let him be part of their life, he also opened his heart and shared his values, wisdom and love. He would tell stories of his childhood, his family and friends, give history and music lessons. At times he would really challenge someone which was one of his ways to tell that he likes someone. Only a few of the staff and listeners had the chance to meet Gramps in person, but if you ask them, they will all tell you that he’s just the same as he was on air or in chats…authentic and special. He is now with his mom and dad and they’re all watching over us. For those who knew him and his dog Cody, we’re happy to tell you that Gramps’ sister Eileen, along with her dog Jaycee and Cody moved into a new house with a big yard where the puppies can run around and play. They all help each other to move on.


With the loss of Gramps, we also lost our main source of capital. After Gramps’ death we were shocked and didn’t know what would happen with the station, who would be able to secure the legacy, to guide and manage, and how we could afford it. We knew that we still had some money in our Paypal account left and finally decided to give it a try. We decided to lay it on the line and ask you for financial help and generosity. You have been awesome and thanks to you, we can keep on broadcasting, at least until May 2015 – that is wonderful! But we need and want to be honest with you and remind you that the best things in life aren’t free. We don’t run advertising or make any profit with the station. Each cent we receive as a donation is reinvested into streaming and licensing costs. That means if we run out of money we will have to shut down the station. Trust us when we say that we hate to beg for money – so we leave it up to you if you want to help us to remain on air. Each dollar counts and is much appreciated.


Christmas is not far away and everyone is busy getting ready, decorating homes, buying gifts and planning vacations. Christmas is also a time to remember – remembering the ones who can’t celebrate with us. We invite you to join us during our live shows and looking forward to hearing from you with a request or special dedication. Smile, tap your feet and sing along! Merry Christmas from the Always Country team to you and your loved ones. Our hope is that the music we share with you will add to the enjoyment of your Christmas season, as all of you add to ours!


Your Always Country Family

We have good and bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first? Okay, the bad news first.


DJ Big John has left Always Country of his own will, effective today November 9th, 2014. We wish him all the best for his future.

Good news are that former DJ Rick found his way back to Always Country. Please make sure to check out the schedule and his bio. Welcome back, Rick.


Your Always Country Family
November 2014

The station began with a love of country music and wanting to hear more of it than was being played in the early days of Internet Radio. Hurricane Country gave us a start and then we became Always Country. Each day is a new day for us and that is our approach to providing you our music. We are grateful to have accumulated those days and that we have been able to share so many years with you.

In our effort to continue bring you family-oriented programming, it is our solemn promise to you that we will always play music that parents can enjoy with their children. We strive to adhere to the highest standard possible to keep you, our loyal listeners, coming back again and again. A blend of old and new country, with the family at heart. Less talk and more music. We can handle as many requests as you can fire at us with almost instant play on all your requests. (We do have to adhere to a few play rules though) . You'll hear everyone from Jimmie Rodgers & the Carter Family to Shania Twain & Toby Keith, Independent Artists and many more. We play them all with a family flare in mind, because we are a family at Always Country. There are no professionals here, just honest down home folks who love our Country Music and sharing it with you.


Your Always Country Family
October 2014

Dear friends, The past weeks have been a tough time for everyone involved with the station. It's been a roller coaster of emotions with Gramps passing and it still feels surreal that we won’t ever hear him talk or sing again or have chats with him. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your thoughtful messages to us and the condolences to Gramps family. You are the best and most loyal listeners any station could wish to have.


Due to uncertainties concerning possible legal and tax implications we were forced to announce the end of operations as of July 13th. We have received so many nice and warm messages from you which made us feel bad because we had the feeling we would let you down. Trust us when we say that we’ve been pondering day and night to come up with a solution in compliance with the rules and law. A little luck was on our side and we have received some of the information we needed for Always Country to be able to continue at the last minute. This is a short term solution to currently stay on air, and will continue to search for a long term solution. So basically nothing will change and we will serve you with the same great Country Music you and we all love so much. Always Country won’t have to shut down until further notice!


Our goal is to keep the station alive as long as you want to listen to our music and as long as we have enough money to cover the cost. You have ensured a few months for us on the air, to be precise until February 2015 as of today, so thank you again for your continued support. Although we're very grateful for that, we wish more of you listeners would contribute to the life of Always Country and follow the example of these listeners. Unfortunately we will need your financial help more than ever now that we don’t have the backing of Gramps anymore. We ask you to keep an eye on our homepage to see our predicted closing day based on the monetary status. Please help us to keep Always Country alive and your number one choice for internet radio.


You give us a gift each day by listening and we hope that we've been able to return the gift with our music. Thank you all, for without you we have no reason to fight on.


Your Always Country Family
July 10, 2014

Dear friends, It is with deep regret that we are posting this message. Effective noon (EST) July 13, 2014 Always Country will discontinue broadcasting. This has not been an easy decision for any of us. With the passing of our founder and beloved friend Gramps and the uncertainty of our legal obligations, we are sad to say that the only logical course of action is to close the station. There are too many unanswered questions and we aren't able to win the very last challenge Gramps has left us with. We know that we have done everything possible and leave with a peaceful feeling. We will continue to keep the Facebook page and website available for at least 2 years. In addition, our Always Country email addresses will continue to function and we would love to staying in touch with you, our listeners and friends.


We're going to quote our lost voice Gramps when we are saying, that we are sure that everyone associated with Always Country, both past and present, would say that this has been a rewarding though sometimes difficult experience. We have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from around the world and we thank each and every one of you for that. If we at times could bring a smile to your face or brighten your day with a song, it was worth our efforts. We wish to thank everyone who has helped us financially over the years. You have been very generous and kept us on air. In fact there is money left in our PayPal account and we would like to donate this money in the name of David L. Kurtz aka Gramps to something he felt strongly about such as the Wounded Warriors foundation.

Your Always Country Family
June 28, 2014

We are deeply saddened to inform you that the founder and owner of Always Country, David L. Kurtz, known as Gramps, passed away on Friday, 13th 2014.

We have lost a dear friend and valued guide. Gramps was the most wonderful, generous and caring person. He wasn’t always easy and would drive people crazy but this was his way to challenge someone. He devoted many years of his life for his hobby Always Country and loved to share his favorite music with our listeners. We’ve been through many good and also some bad times but Gramps never gave up and did everything possible to keep the station running. We will all miss a great human being. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Your Always Country Family

June 13, 2014