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  • Joined the station: April 2011
  • From: United States of America

My interest in country music started approximately 20 years ago. My father in law was helping to finish off our basement at the time, and he always had country music playing as he worked. The music tells stories, it’s easy to understand, and it's catchy. I knew I was hooked a short time later when I dedicated a pre-set button on my car radio to a country station, and I've never looked back.

I've been a fan of Always Country since 2007. Not only do we play a great variety of commercial-free music (each DJ's play list is totally unique to them), but also the listeners can get to know the DJ's as friends over time. I know that was certainly true for myself.

When I was approached by Susanne and Gramps and asked if I'd be interested in DJ'ing, at first I hesitated because it was so far outside of my comfort zone. But now that I've made the leap, I'm very happy I did. Always Country is a fantastic mix of a great staff, and the best listeners we could ask for.

I look forward to sharing my music library with you all, and am happy to play your requests and dedications.

Yahoo ID: acdj_lori
Birthday: September 6
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