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The voice of Always Country

    Born: April 13, 1949
    Died: June 13, 2014

Always Country has lost its voice and station founder Gramps.

We have lost a dear friend and valued guide. Gramps was the most wonderful, generous and caring person. He was beloved and respected by both listeners and staff, and did the perfect Walter Brennan impersonation, but he was always working to improving his Bob Wills Ahhhhh Haaaahhh. Occasionally you would catch him singing a song on air which some considered as "great" and some as "oh well, he tried it".

Gramps wasn’t always easy and would drive people crazy at times but this was his way to challenge someone. He had many names that reflected his special character such as Grumpy Gramps, Grampsie, Boss, Pope Leroy, Your Sarcasm, Evil one, Ole man, The Gloriously, The Glue, The Enemy, The most frustrating person in the world, The one and only music man .. Gramps.

We’ve been through many good and also some bad times but Gramps never gave up and did everything possible to keep the station running. He devoted many years of his life for his hobby Always Country and loved to share his favorite music with our listeners. Another passion of Gramps were his Philadelphia Phillies and talking about history and the world.

We will all miss a great human being. As Willie Nelson once sang - "It wouldn't be the same without you". We all agree with Willie.
Gramps has left us with a last big challenge - keep the spirit and his legacy Always Country alive and kicking.


Gramps' biography:

I'm evil and old!

  • Founded the station
  • From: United States of America

Gramps was born April '49, though, he refuses to tell us which century.

He was raised and still resides in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He's the example for which the phrase "Dumb Dutchman" was coined. He has one son, and one grandchild. He loves his baseball and history, especially the Civil War period. This picture is of Gramps' granddaughter Erica and his son Chris.

Can you believe this man is a real storyteller but isn't able to write a bit more about himself. What we know is that he's very proud of this little station and his motto has always been ..

It's not really the DJ's, it's the music!



    Born: May 30, 1999
    Died: May 30, 2011

Ric aka Vegas Slim

    Born: 1944
    Died: Nov 2010

Always Country has lost a good friend and fellow listener.

Ric was a classically trained musician at one of the world's most elite performing art academies, the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His bio fails to tell that he was a US Army veteran and served in the Armed Forces Band that accompanied President Richard Nixon on the first presidential visit to China. As a trumpeter he also played Taps at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. I had the opportunity to work with him for a number of years, he was a fair and kind man and will always be remembered in my heart. Gramps

To be truthful, I never cared too much for country music. That was before Always Country.

Raised, trained and professionally performing in the classical music arena, I was an orchestral and solo trumpet player for some 20+ years. [Ed. Note Ric, a graduate of the famed Curtis Institute, was also a member of U.S. Army and White House bands during his time in the military. He also spent duty playing Taps at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetary.]

However, I ultimately also acquired an appreciation of country as well. Now, that may never have happended if it had not been "Gramps". He was guardian and mentor during several of my last years in a corporate business life. Subsequent to our both retiring from that world, he told me that he was starting a country Internet radio station. While certainly supportive of his initiative but previously unaware of his passion for the genre, I was a bit…okay, a lot skeptical. Boy, did he and all the wonderfully dedicated DJ’s of AC prove me wrong!

I could not personally be more proud of the Always Country family’s continuing efforts and talents to build world’s enjoyment of country music. Think about the number of countries that tune in 24-7! I originally thought Skeeter Davis’ "Angel of the Morning" (Gramps, I think I got it right this time) would have been an appropriate description of all of those who support Always Country. But perhaps "Guardian" better portrays the spirit of those of us who love, support and nurture the station and mostly those great folks who voluntarily make Always Country function. As an aside, a special thanks to DJ Cody for his talented Auto DJ selections.

Let’s all "push the envelope" on the current 750 expanded listener capacity. Tell your friends about Always Country keep this world-wide commercial free effort going. Mr. Bojangles and I are definately proud to support Always Country. From our perspective, Ronnie Milsap kind of said it well from my standpoint with the song title, "Wouldn’t Have Missed It For The World". Bo says "Let’s Dance" and "Thanks Gramps, the Staff, and all the Loyal Listeners". Oh yes, and Bo says hi to Dunford in NM.

Mr. Bojangles and Vegas Slim Las Vegas

Have Guitar Will Travel

    Born: June 1, 1947
    Died: October 22, 2009

Always Country has lost a good friend and fellow DJ.

He was born as Ronald Ecklund, took a stage name, Jerry Jones...."Have Guitar Will Travel", but in the last time of his life he was our friend and DJ Country. A humble man, a giving man, be it his time devoted to the station, building computers for listeners and DJ's, or just chatting with you when you needed an ear to lament your troubles.

How about, mentoring in AA, volunteering for the Fire Department, veteran of the Viet Nam war? This is the mark of a great man, who simply didn't recognize his greatness. His life was his voice and his guitar, the perfect team. He never made it big, but over the years entertained thousands in bars and clubs. Now he's made the bigtime, right up there with Roy, Gene and the Duke.

He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.


Country's biography: I was born in a little hick town in Ohio. I left when I was seventeen and I've never been back. I did a stint in the US Navy at seventeen and afterwards decided to start my singing career. I sang all over our great country but never hit the big time though many said I should have. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne and Sam Elliot were a few of my movie hero's. I enjoy a variety of movies, Country Music, singing Country Music & playing my guitar now and good friends.

I landed in the beautiful Reno, Nevada valley in 1986, where I’ve lived since and love it, it’s beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, we have awesome sunsets, and, for me, it’s a great sight to wake up to, I personally love the mountains.

I am actively involved, (since 1995) in a non-profit organization and have helped many people which is what I choose to do these days. Help folks.

I always wanted to try DJ'ing, but never had the opportunity, and thanks to Gramps, here I am. I hope all enjoy my show, and other than getting all the new music for you, if you have a ideas for my show that will make you feel more at home, feel free to email me and let me know.

Have a Great Day and God Bless. Country


    Born: May 30, 1999
    Died: August 19, 2007