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  • Joined the station: March 2006
  • From: Germany

Hello everyone, I'm Susanne from Germany and I started DJing for Always Country in 2006.

As most of the past and present DJ's I found the station in some radio directory and started listening. I never thought about becoming a DJ until our “boss” Gramps asked me one day. He already knew that I'd like to do that before I even knew. I guess he was right on that because I said yes and I'm still here.

Always Country means a lot to me if you don't know by now. It's the station with heart that cares. It has changed my life and as a result of my experience I have grown as a person. I hope I'll be able to give you back what you're all giving me – a smile on your face, satisfaction, a peaceful feeling and special moments. It's priceless.

I love sharing my music with you. You will hear everything from old to new Country and I'd be glad to play your requests as long as I have the songs. You can hear me every Monday 2-4 pm and Saturday 2-5 pm [all times are Eastern Standard Time].

Thanks for listening to Always Country.

Yahoo ID: ac_djsusanne
Birthday: May 20